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1817 Red Oak Pl., Hoover, Al. 35244
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South Shades Crest
Middle School
Robert F. Bumpus
High School
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Property Description

This property is free and clear of all encumbrances (such as known claims, court-attachments, adverse claims, disputed ownership, liens, nonpayment of a note secured by the property, pending judgments) and, therefore, has a clear and marketable title. Property taxes, property fees, and rent will be prorated to the buyer based on the purchase date of the property and the county specific proration procedures to which the property belongs. Property taxes and other related bills, utilities, and fees associated with the property that are due after the purchase date of the property will be the responsibility of the buyer. Descriptions are purely visual.


All information derived from third party sources, including but not limited to property assessments, appraisals, and title reports, if any, is deemed reliable but not guaranteed. ALL BUYERS ARE DEEMED TO HAVE RELIED ENTIRELY ON THEIR OWN INFORMATION JUDGEMENTS AND INSPECTIONS OF THE PROPERTY IN MAKING THEIR DECISION TO PURCHASE THE PROPERTY. Pictures of the property contained herein may not be completely current and may not accurately reflect the condition of the property at any future date.

Buyer should determine the condition of the property by physical inspection prior to purchase. Buyer acknowledges and verifies that Buyer has carried out the necessary due diligence to purchase the property. For a complete statement of the terms and conditions of any purchase of the property, please review a copy of our standard Real Estate Purchase Contract.

What do I get?

The above photos are of the actual property you are purchasing, and the price shown is the price you pay to buy the entire property. You are not bidding on or offering to buy a lien or certificate for this home, you are buying the entire property for the purchase price listed.